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Hey all, I just joined & wanted to introduce myself:

I'm Liz, 20 and I despise Valentine's day.

Ok so here's my worst Valentine's Day story. It started off well enough, I was rushing to my 2nd class to take an exam and my boyfriend at the time was sitting outside the classroom door with 2 organic roses. Brownie points there even though he bought them because I had made a definate point of telling him that the Citizens for a Sustainable Campus would be selling organic roses...but anyway, back to my story. I flew thru my exam and headed over to his dorm room to give him the gifts I had gotten him. (lots of time & effort put into them but I won't take the time to explain the stories behind them)

He kinda acted funny and said he had something for me but I'd have to get it after dinner. So we went to the school cafeteria for dinner...not very romantic, but he never did anything nice and I don't really care too much for V day anyway. After dinner he invited me back to his room and proceeded to sit in his desk chair, drink whiskey, and ignore me. When he said he had something for me, he actually meant that he had to run to walgreens and buy whatever they had left because he felt guilty. He said he was going to go to a bar (I'm not 21) later. Then his friends called and he went to go drink with them on the quad. And I went home and cried cause it drove home just how little he cared for me.

2 weeks later I got the "It's not you it's me speech" along with his excuse that he wanted more time to drink (4 nights a week set aside wasn't enough) A week after that he had plans to fly out to see some girl he had met last summer.

So I refuse to celebrate this holiday that I was never really fond of ever again.
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